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Double "Duo" Stroller

Double Stroller Type #1

€ 56.00 per week.

The Graco Stadium duo tandem is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and narrow aisles thanks to its optimized width. It has linked handles that enable you to steer with just 1 hand. The 1-hand seat recline system enables you to recline the backrest quickly and easily with just 1 hand, leaving your other hand free. The automatic storage lock means the frame stays folded for ease of storage and transportation.

Comfortable sitting and lying positions for the 2 children are assured thanks to the rigid 4 recline position backrest in the rear seat and the rigid 2 recline positions in the front seat. The elevated rear seat and transparent windowin the hood canopy allow better visibility for the elder child riding in the back.

Both children are held securely in 5-point safety harnesses and 2 UV tested canopies give optimum sun protection for each child.

Suitable up to 15kg.

Includes Delivery and Collection*.

Double Stroller Type #3

€ 56.00 per week.

  • Aluminum chassis.
  • Independent reclining chairs.
  • Includes hood.
  • For twins or siblings who are a few months apart. (up to 3 years or 17 kilos).
  • Comfortable and manageable, it combines maximum comfort for children with unbeatable practicality for parents.

Includes Delivery and Collection*.

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